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Out in the field with Year 7 AC: Geography

Images of students doing fieldwork in the town of Johnberg outside of Orroroo, South Australia.

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Fieldwork to study the unit "Why people live where they do?"

As mentioned in the last post, these next few postings will showcase several schools in South Australia using fieldwork in the context of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. This posting is focussed on the work of Orroro Area School during October 2011.

The "Why people live where they do" unit of the Austrlaian Curriculum: Geography focuses on investigating the reasons why people decide to live where they do, at a variety of scales and in the context of the environmental, economic, social and other factors that might influence decision making. The ability to choose where to live is not always available to people and it should be recognised that the unequal distributions and concentrations of populations has consequences.

The Orroroo students did some great fieldwork in the township of Orroroo and in the nearby ghost town of Johnberg. Hear lead teacher Marg Custance talk about the trial in her Year 7/8 composite class last year. A great and informative trial for the development of the Australian Curriculum: Geography - well done to all involved.

Thanks to the generosity of the Orroroo Area School students and teachers in giving permission for their teaching materials and reflections to be part of this blog. In particular thanks to Marg Custance, the lead teacher for the trial at Orroroo Area School.

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