Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Australian experience in South Africa

* Links to look at related to geography in Australia
Spatialworlds blog
GeogSpace website
ACARA website
ACARA Australian Curriculum portal 
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website
Spatialworlds website


SA Geography Teachers Conference in Johannesburg

I am attending the South African Geography Teachers Association Conference in Johannesburg this week. Here are some resources for the participants. 

Links to the PowerPoints for the SAGTA/ GeoforAll conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2017

Some useful links

* GeogSpace: the resource from AGTA and Education Services Australia (ESA) to support the Australian Curriculum: Geography

* Spatialworlds blogspot: 350 postings on everything you wanted to know about geography but to afraid to ask!

*The fantastic Scoop.it resource with thousands of Internet sites related to geography in schools
* Geographical thinking Scoop.it
* Spatial literacy Scoop.it
* Spatial Education and technology Scoop.it
* Scoop.it sites from Seth Dixon
* GTAV Australian Curriculum Scoop.it on each year level

BBC physical geography site

CK site for physical geography.

GIS Zone: A great site to start using spatial technology.

Map Zone: An excellent basic mapping site

ACARA Introduction on Australian Curriculum: Geography    

The Story of the learning areas animation. An excellent animation on 'What is Geography for'

The geography curriculum, year by year, all on one page in the Learning Area Explorer.