Friday, April 22, 2011

Thinking geography

Left image: Living space, Hong Kong.
Right image: Small doubledecker trams in Hong Kong

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Blog away!!

As mentioned on a previous Spatialworlds posting, blogs continue to be a powerful medium to pass on resources, clarify thoughts, generate discussion and to create a collaborative network of like-minded people. There are thousands of geography based blogs out in cyberspace, creating a resource for the classroom teacher beyond our imagination only a few years ago. The Geography Association (GA) in the UK has made an attempt to create a listing of some of the best geography blogs in the UK and beyond. I would suggest that the list is just the tip of the iceberg. From a rather large list I have selected the ones on geographical thinking and resources which would be good to follow if you want to keep up with the ever burgeoning number of resources and programs applicable to the teaching of geography. To see the full list, including a lot of school based student blogs go to the GA bloglist.

Anyway here are my favourites from the list:

Geography. Learning. Teaching
Digital Geography is all about using new technologies in the Geography curriculum.
Early years geography
Primary geography
Funky geography
Geographical contexts to everyday situations explained
geogalot is my blog about the use of ICT in Geography education and updates made to my online geography resources website -
Random musings from the GeographyPages bloke
• A blog to be a place where we can understand the wonderful world of Geography.
Geography songs
• Where would you be without geography?
Resources, games, videos and weblinks
Geogy follows the incredible world of geography and wants to share discoveries with you.
Give Geography its Place is a campaign to raise the profile of Geography in the media.
• The amazing things about Google Earth (not officially affiliated with Google
• A project funded by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with an Innovative Geography Teaching Grant to develop teaching ideas for using Google Earth in the Geography classroom
Independent geographers, to cause thought, connected thinking, and stimulate the public and to wear down public resistance to geography
• This humanities blog is designed with history and geography teachers in mind -
Using New Technologies in the Classroom
Space for a geography teacher to explore his ideas and experiences of ICT in my classroom
• The online musings of a geography teacher with an interest in the use of online technologies to enhance the teaching and learning of geography in schools.
Provocations on geography in education from David Lambert and John Morgan.
Dispatches from a Geographical life as Secondary Curriculum Development Leader of the Geographical Association. /
• A weblog designed to share Geography resources with students and colleagues
• Radical Geography, online deposit for my teaching resources
Ideas and resources to support geography teachers in updating their pedagogy and informing CPD choices
• These are some of the thoughts and ponderings of Tim Manson - an ICT-enabled Geography teacher from Ballymena, Northern Ireland

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