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Joseph Kerski, a geographer with attitude

Images: Seal on Seal Rock, Victor Harbor, South Australia

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Dr Joseph Kerski our “eccentric geography with substance" friend in the US

It is unusual for me to do a posting on an individual, but with his February 2011 appointment as President of the National Council for Geographic Education in the US I thought it warranted profiling the work of Joseph Kerski on geography - and most importantly spatial technology in schools. Joseph has been described by Matt Rosenberg from as a Geographer and World's Nerdiest Dad. A description he is quite proud of I am sure! When I first met Joseph he was off to visit yet another confluence with his 12 year old daughter after the NCGE conference - and she was extemely excited by the adventure (a geographers Disneyland it seemed). Joseph plans to get to as many as he can while on earth! I can imagine what my son would have said when he was 12 years old, if I said we are off to a visit a confluence!!

As mentioned above, I had the pleasure to spend some time with Joseph at the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Conference at Oklahoma City in 2007. What a whirlwind? This posting will give you an idea of who Joseph Kerski is and what he means to geography in the US. He is a ‘geographer with attitude’ the students in your class will find fascinating! A real live eccentric geography fanatic!

It is great to hear that Joseph (his day time job is the Education Manager for ESRI US) is the new president of the NCGE, a non-profit organisation chartered in 1915 to serve geography teachers at all levels of education. Congrats Joseph. If anyone can get GIS into schools I am sure he will through his leadership role in the NCGE. As you will see from Joseph’s videos he is out there; enthusiastic and basically in love with geography (and not afraid to shout it from the highest building). Such enthusiasm is contagious!

Here are some fascinating and useful (and not so useful – what is with the lift?)You Tubes from Joseph.
* Why Geography Education Matters
* How can GIS be used as a powerful tool for teaching and learning Geography?
* Scale Matters
* What Is Geography? Why is it important not only to education in the 21st Century, but why is it important to our world?
* Why Teach and Learn with GIS and GPS Geotechnologies in Schools?
* Testing latitude-longitude spatial accuracy iPhone vs GPS receiver
* Why is Fieldwork Important to Geography?
* The lift?
* Light rail
* The giant globe and map at the Association of American Geographers Conference, 2011

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