Friday, April 29, 2011

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Left image: Seoul pollution.
Right image: Traffic on the Thames.

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Where am I??
Adelaide, Australia: S: 34º 55' E: 138º 36'

We are but a pale blue dot!

An old piece from Carl Sagan but worth visiting every once and while to remind us about being just a pale blue dot – should be our world view!!

Natural Disaster mitigation

An interesting resource on what is being done re: disaster mitigation and preparedness around the world.

As the website says:
“Natural disasters can strike at any time, many of them without warning, so being prepared ahead of time is the way individuals and governments can save lives and protect property. Because the potential for natural disasters is spread around the world, emergency preparedness is important to everyone. The Internet makes it possible to find easily accessible resources about all types of disaster preparedness. State, county and local governments and organizations offer their constituents information on preparing for disasters that might affect them directly, while the federal government and national organizations address emergency preparedness for the country as a whole. International organizations, like the World Health Organization, offer information about events that have the potential for worldwide significance. Online resources make it possible to get the vital information needed to prepare for these natural disasters that can't be controlled.”

Thanks to Brooke and Abby from Deleware for passing on this great resource.


A GIS platform with potential for adaptation

This site has a great potential for use in the classroom. Have a look at it and think about how it could be applied as a GIS platform for schools. Enter the site as guest. More about this later.

McKinsey Global Institute

The McKinsey Global Institute is a great resource for articles on a diversity of geographical topics. The site also contains podcasts and vodcasts of high quality.

* What Matters
This section of the McKinsey site asks researchers, academics, journalists, policy makers and executives to address ten big questions, whose answers will shape our collective future. Topics such as climate change, globalization, cities and energy are particularly relevant to geography.

What Matters example

* How big can cities get?

* Pictures of cities from readers

* The article Urban world: Mapping the economic power of cities explores the shift of urban economic clout from West to East over the next 15 years. It focuses, in particular, on the 600 cities, many in emerging markets, that will account for more than 60 percent of global GDP growth over the period.

* Global cities of the future: An interactive map
Explore the cities and emerging urban clusters that will drive dramatic growth and demographic changes over the next generation.

The Geography pages

A useful teaching resource with heaps of links and information on a wide range of topics.

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