Monday, December 8, 2014

Fun with viewing from above

 Image above: Can you identify the country?.

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Guessing from above

The spatial literacy skill of analysing a site from above has been frequently discussed by geographers in the age of satellite imagery. Here are just a few resources/sites to help teachers work on images from above in a fun way with their students.

* The 'View from above' is another site that will certainly engage students in the interpretation of satellite images. The site is akin to Geoguessr but it uses satellite images for the guessing of a place.  There are some beautiful images and places to be discovered through this quiz. The set of aerial photographs challenges the reader to guess the country where the image was taken; even with only two options, it's quite challenging.  Just like Geogessr, it forces students to use context clues in the physical and human landscapes to make a guess. 

  * Two quizzes from the Atlantic site
This site looking at the world via Google Earth offers striking images of the diversity of the landscapes of the Earth and the impact that humans have on it. This article is a puzzle -- part 2 in a series (click here for part 1), in which you are challenged to figure out where in the world each of the images were taken. Note that north is not always up in these pictures. Also, be assured that, apart from a bit of contrast, these images are unaltered; they are exactly what Google and its mapping partners provide. So have a look at the images, make a guess, and see your score at the end. 

 * Another useful quiz is from Joseph Kerski who has embedded satellite images into ArcGIS online.

* Stratocom is a great place to start to get students exploring more Google Earth images and saving their own finds - click here for an introduction to Stratocom.

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