Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ABC making a geography splash

 Image above:  ABC Splash Choose your statistics resource

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Free resources from the ABC for the Australian Curriculum 


ABC Splash is your go-to place for cutting-edge digital learning experiences. Access selected ABC archives, contemporary shows and interactive resources to help you teach and plan for the Australian Curriculum.

The Choose your own statistics, a dynamic resource produced in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission. Use it with your middle years students to interrogate data relating to a range of contemporary social issues.
This unique interactive learning resource has been designed to enable students from Years 5 to 8 to gain a better understanding of important human rights issues as they explore the latest statistics from respected Australian institutions.
Thought-provoking Infographics encourage students to critically evaluate their beliefs and deepen their understanding of the role that data representation plays in building knowledge and influencing decisions about social issues. Innovative technology enables students to explore the demographics of Australian society on a national and state level and see how the constitution of our country has changed over time.
Through the exploration of ten significant topics, students obtain a big picture overview of the data behind current issues like homelessness, immigration, sexual harassment, the justice system, and our ageing population. Interactive graphs provide a snapshot of the cultural background, religious beliefs, technology use and education and employment status of both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians of different ages and genders.
Statistics are presented using the full range of graphs included in the syllabus requirements of the Australian Mathematics curriculum. Students can customise and publish their own graphs, and all of the data is available for download to Excel to enable further exploration.

 Choose your statistics now! 

ABC Splash contains over 300 geography resources for Foundation to year 10. This substantial range of video and audio clips investigates such topics as global citizenship; renewable energy; the impact of tourism on the Great Barrier Reef; the Mekong River; sustainable housing; and the debate over land use in national parks.

Resources can be filtered by year level, subject, topic and media type and are drawn from respected ABC programs such as Foreign Correspondent, ABC News and ABC 7.30

Primary: a wide range of visual and audio resources and games
Secondary: a wide range of visual and audio resources and games
Digibooks: collections of video and audio resources, with notes and/or suggested activities
Teaching Resources: clips, along with articles and suggestions for how to use them to teach specific contexts
Join in: enter competitions and view past streaming events on a variety of topics

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