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George Dailey: A man on a mission!

Left image: Beaches of Northern France.
Right image: Somme Valley, Northern France.

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George "GIS" Dailey

Over recent years many geographers in Australia have come to know George Dailey, ESRI Education Manager in the US. George has been a great supporter of GIS in schools in Australia and has been the ‘go to guy’ for many of us. George was the keynote at the AGTA conference in Launceston in 2006.
In this posting I thought it worthy of pointing Spatialworlds blog followers to the excellent ESRI blog in the US which George, Joseph and Charlie Fitzpatrick(Co-Manager, ESRI Schools Program) are responsible for the blog. The blog is a great resource for those interested in spatial technology and should be accessed regularly to keep up with the latest development in GIS in the US and beyond.

The most recent posting from George relates to the Texas wildfires presently occurring in the US (the post includes a pathway to a wildfire map application). George works hard keeping the blog up-to-date so that he can log into current happenings around the world. With such events the blog posts show the role of spatial technology in aiding, saving, informing and generally responding to events. The blog has been going since January 2007 and if you work your way through the archives you will see an enormous amount of fantastic GIS in education ideas, lessons, resources and general thinking. George, Joseph and Charlie also invite educators from around the world to submit to the blog. Just contact the blog team at
if you have an idea to submit

Here are just a few blog posting from the last few months!

* Video Series of a GIS Institute for Educators

* Videos on GIS in School Instruction

* Analyzing Change Over Time Using Topographic Maps and Imagery with GIS

* Landsat data in ArcGIS Online

* Importance of Getting Out Into the Field

* What Should I Do For My GIS Project?

* WebGIS = Launchpad for Critical Thinking

* Web & Mobile Tools for Teaching About the Earthquake in Japan

* Mapping St Patrick’s Day with GIS

* Easy Ways For New GIS Teachers To Get A Little Help

* Mapping Sports Allegiances with GIS

* Exploring Tragedy

* Got Questions? Choosing GIS as a Career

* Teaching the GeoNews Using GIS Technologies and the Spatial Perspective

* Using ArcGIS Online to Analyze the Toxic Spill in Hungary

* Ten Tested, Tried, and Terrific Web GIS Resources

* Mapping Fresh Water

* Studying Landscape Change Using ArcGIS Online


The ESRI Community blog is also now conducting regular Webinars on-line, which can be viewed via the blog. For example on May 11th, Joseph Kerski conducted a Webinar on Web-based GIS ideas that you can use in the classroom tomorrow!

“Explore engaging, one-day, classroom activities that use cutting-edge Geo-Web 2.0 tools. We're highlighting the web-based mapping tools that will inspire students to learn, even with the last days of school fast approaching. Join Dr. Joseph Kerski, 2011 NCGE President and an ESRI Education Manager as he leads this webinar. The face-paced, intriguing nature of the Geo-Web 2.0 Tools will be sure to turn your students' minds to learning before they can grab their flip flops and plan their summer vacations.”

Keep an eye out for upcoming Webinars. Here are a few other webinars from earlier in the year.

* Recorded Webinar: An Overview of Spatial Cognition Research

* Webinar: 10 Tips for Easy Web Mapping in the Classroom Tomorrow

What an amazing resource for teachers interested in introducing GIS into their classroom. To keep up to date with the blog consider registering an RSS feed.

I look forward to continue following the work of George and others in the US who have a mission to introduce GIS into schools in a meaningful way. Follow George’s Twitter if interested in seeing what he is up to. Needless to say George Dailey is an inspiration to those working in GIS in Education.

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