Friday, April 25, 2014

Virtually getting away

Image above: Fantastic bits and pieces about our amazing world on the Matador Network. Potentially a great resource for the geography classroom wanting to know without going - cheap fieldtrips!!

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Matador Network is worth a look

Whilst a little 'out there', the Matador Network has some fascinating maps (of just about anything), amazing pictures from around the world  and blog commentaries from travellers just enjoying life on the road. 

In short, the Matador Network is an "independent media company and nexus of travel culture worldwide". The network was launched in 2006 with the vision for a travel site and community based not on “airline reservations and hotel rooms” but the real cultures, people, and places travellers encounter, as well as a broader global discussion of historical, political, and socioeconomic realities that inform the lives of travellers.

For this posting I have made a selection of just some of the amazing maps, pictures and postings on the site to show what great potential the site has to take students out of the classroom, without leaving the room. The site has huge potential for some virtual fieldtrips and the exploration of our world through the eyes of the travellers who contribute to the Matador Network and Community. Enjoy, it makes one feel like heading off!!
* 57 interesting maps

* A 3 minutes video on maps to amaze
* 36 maps to make to see the world a new way 
* 20 maps to change your view of the world
* 4 awesome maps
* Aerial photograph art
* 75 unbelievable colourful places

* 46 shots of amazing famous places 

* Iconic places to visit before ...

* 22 Google Streetview images

* Tipping around the world

* World heritage sites meet Google Streetview

* Map of Hipster density

* Google fieldtrips

* Google Earth helps to find home after 25 years

* Geography teachers trekking the planet

* 13 population density maps with a difference

* Matt Harding (dancing Matt) talking seriously about his travels

* African challengers

The Matador Network is certainly a 'mixed bag' of potential resources for the geography classroom. As they say on the site; connect, publish and plan - why not get your students to do just that as they explore the world. In fact, let them connect via the Matador Community and meet passionate travelers, writers, photographers, and adventurers from around the world.

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