Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Geogdiscussion tool

Image above: Straw Poll website for contestable geography or pre-knowledge testing.

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Where am I??  
Adelaide, Australia: S: 34º 55' E: 138º 36'

An easy and quick polling option to get geographical discussion underway

Further to the Spatialworlds contestable geography posting on PollEverywhere, here is another useful inter-active polling site for students to share their views on geographical issues. The website is called Strawpoll (www.strawpoll.me) and is a great website that enables you to create short polls for students to complete. This then generates a website that students can go to in order to answer the questions. Responses can then be displayed on the interactive white board in real time in the form of a Pie Chart.  Here is a video showing how to use it, showing the tool is not time consuming at all and very easy to use. It is even easier that PollEverwhere but more simplistic. A really impressive aspect of this site is that no software is required and students can easily access the poll. A really good option for the quick, on the spot poll in the classroom.

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