Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Directions in Humanities Conference in Philadelphia

Image above: 4 July celebrations in Philadelphia

A conference on Humanities at Pennsylvania University: 5-7 July.

Presentation to download

Some useful HaSS links

AC History Units
DECD Learning Resources for Australian Curriculum 
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website

Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
History Teachers Association of South Australia
History Teachers Association of Australia
Legal Education Teachers Association SA (LETASA)
Business Educators Australia

Email contact:

* The Australian Curriculum Portal

A selection of HASS resources and links

 Being a Citizen: a resource for Civics and Citizenship programming

 South Australian Parliament teaching resources

The role of juries eBook (DECD Outreach Education)

Suffragettes site (DECD Outreach Education)

Discovering Democracy resources 

* Parliamentary Education Office resources

A primary school resource from Parafield Gardens Primary School for Civics and Citizenship

A primary school resource from Parafield Gardens Primary School for Economics and Business

* DECD Australian Curriculum: HASS resources 

The DECD "Making the Australian Curriculum work for us' resource has been designed  to support the teaching and learning of the Australian Curriculum: HASS.

As you can see below the resource to date includes a creative animation, broadsheets on the curriculum, sound bites and 'talking heads'.

The Story of the learning areas animation. An excellent animation on 'What is Geography for'

The HaSS curriculum, year by year, all on one page in the Learning Area Explorer.

Achievement Standards Charts and activities (soon to be updated for HaSS F-7)

* The RSLSA Virtual War Memorial

A great resource for commemoration activities, historical research and work on Australian identity in the Civics and Citizenship curriculum.

Changing Worlds: The South Australian Story (DECD Outreach Education resource)

* South Australian Aboriginal Cultural Studies Curriculum
Click on ACS Aboriginal Cultural Studies course, log on as a Guest and then in the next screen,enter password in reverse as mentioned.

* DECD Outreach Education

Some other useful DECD Outreach Education resources for the teaching of HaSS

Muslim Cameleers website: (South Australian Museum)

Curator’s Table: German migrants experiences in Australia during World War I web based resource:

iPad inquiry trails to be undertaken on site at the South Australian Maritime Museum:

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