Monday, April 7, 2014

I Wonder?

Image above: The iWonder Home Page.

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The new iWonder site from the BBC

On 14 March the BBC launched BBC iWonder. This is a new factual and educational brand from the BBC, and it's all about feeding the curiosity. In the future the site will be perfect for stimulating geography, history, science and social studies classes via questioning and curiosity.  Whilst not all of the iWonder articles are geographical, the potential of the site to ask and answer geographical questions is enormous.
BBC iWonder provides thought-provoking answers to the questions sparked in your everyday life - questions sparked by BBC programs, what's in the news, important anniversaries, or what's trending on social media.

"The BBC iWonder homepage will introduce you to something surprising, provocative, exciting and challenging each day, hand-picking the most inspiring BBC content and blending it with the most wondrous stuff from around the Web and BBC Online."

Hopefully in time, this fascinating site will have more and more geography friendly items. At the moment it is primarily history, art & culture and science.  However the science iWonder on the Northern Lights in the UK has some fascinating physical geography and maps. The line between science and physical geography continues to blur!  This site will be no exception. At the moment it is a great site for history teachers using a great inquiry and questioning methodology to develop curiosity and interest.

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