Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amazing Human Geography GeogStories

Image above: A male beauty contest in the desert from the BBC Human Planet Explorer

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 Fascinating human stories

As previously mentioned in a Spatialwolds blog posting, I am a fan of the 3-4 minutes video program excerpts from the BBC Human Planet Explorer site. These clips from vastly contrasting world environments show some amazing WOW (World of Wonder) geogstories about how humans live in a range of environments. The following clips are examples of some great human geography for the classroom to show how humans create social structures and cultural  traits to adapt and survive in their harsh environments. In many cases, in ways inconceivable beyond the comfort of the built environment that many of us live in. Some of the clips however are just plain interesting human behaviours in different places around the globe.

Here are some amazing human geogstories from the Human Planet Explorer site:

* Inuit Throat singing

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