Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spatial technology resources on GeogSpace

Image above: The ICT in Geography page on GeogSpace.

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Mick Law's work on GeogSpace

In a previous Spatialworlds blog post I commented on the outstanding work of Mick Law from the GTAQ and Contour Education in the area of spatial technology professional learning and resource development. Naturally when GeogSpace was being established, Mick Law was the first we thought of to put together the ICT in geography support units of the resource. Now that GeogSpace is up there for all to see, I recommend those interested in spatial technology in schools to spend some time to look at Mick's handiwork - his illustrations of practice, with their interactive videos and clear explanations of spatial technology in the geography classroom are excellent.

As Mick writes in the Introduction to the ICT in Geography support unit of GeogSpace:

"In this 21st century, the use of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) has greatly enhanced the excitement of geographical learning. This includes the use of communication networks, computers, software, digital data storage and audiovisual systems. Students can benefit greatly from appropriate use of ICTs, particularly geospatial technologies which support spatial thinking and also make the acquisition of knowledge more efficient and engaging."

Illustrations of practice materials provided are:

Image above: Mick's interactive videos linked from GeogSpace to Youtube.

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