Friday, February 5, 2016

Spatial ineptitude

Image above: Meeting  Karen, the GPS girl - we have all heard her!

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A comical look at human spatial ineptitude when using a GPS in the car

Following on from the last posting related to the unfathomable ability of animals and some humans to have extraordinary spatial cognition, I thought it would be fun to have a look at the ineptitude of many humans to navigate and our increasing reliance on GPS to get us from A to B. As mentioned in a previous posting, such spatial navigation tools could in fact be taking away our ability to use our innate navigation tools. It is a slippery spatial intelligence slope we are embarking upon as we increasingly trust technology instead of our spatial instincts.

GPS comedy video clips

GPS prank

A TED Talk on fooling GPS

Todd Humphreys forecasts the near-future of geolocation when millimeter-accurate GPS "dots" will enable you to find pin-point locations, index-search your physical possessions ... or to track people without their knowledge. And the response to the sinister side of this technology may have unintended consequences of its own.

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