Friday, May 31, 2013

Making space for GeogSpace

GeogSpace now online

The GeogSpace resource has been developed by AGTA and is now online as a free standalone website open to the world. GeogSpace is the perfect support for classroom teachers engaging with the new geography Curriculum.  GeogSpace was launched today at the Geography Teachers Association of South Australia (GTASA) conference

Here are the GeogSpace launch and workshop presentations from the GTASA conference.

* Unpacking GeogSpace workshop

From the GeogSpace Home page

There has never been a more exciting time to study geography, with it being a subject vital to the education of every young Australian in the 21st century. GeogSpace has been designed to provide materials to support primary and secondary teachers in implementing the Australian Curriculum: Geography. It has been developed by AGTA's team of practising geography teachers, dedicated to ensuring all schools across Australia have access to a unique resource that reflects best practice using current technology and pedagogies.
GeogSpace offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography, including those that are very experienced and those just commencing their involvement. The materials will support teachers to develop their knowledge, skills and pedagogical capacity to teach geography of the highest quality.
GeogSpace comprises two major resource sections, Core units and Support units.
Core units comprise illustrations of practice for stages of schooling described in the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The illustrations are provided for:
  • Years F–4
  • Years 5–6
  • Years 7–8
  • Years 9–10.
The illustrations are designed to provide classroom-ready ideas and resources that reflect the dynamism of this exciting learning area. Each illustration is linked to the Australian Curriculum: Geography and provides opportunities for students to actively engage in learning, whether it be through undertaking class research, practical activities, field investigations or through taking local action.
Core units have three sections for each of the stages of schooling:
  • Key understandings
  • Inquiry and skills
  • Exemplars
Support units provide illustrations of practice designed to support teachers' professional learning and provide guidance, information and resources in eight areas of geographical education:
  • Thinking geographically
  • Why teach geography?
  • Professional practice
  • Fieldwork
  • ICT in geography
  • Assessment in geography
  • Language of geography
  • Geographical inquiry
Naturally we are very excited about the resource and see the next few months as important to get the message out to Australian teachers (and beyond) about the sites availablity and develop professional learning opportunites to inservice the resource. So within a two weeks we have the currciulum released and the resources online. Now for the fun of geography growing in popularity in Australian schools! After over 4 years of planning and working on the Australian Curriculum: Geography, it is finally a reality.

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