Friday, April 19, 2013

Scooping spatial

Image above: The interface for Spatial Education and technology.

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Using to scoop spatial technology

Over the past month I have been using website for my students to research their geographical issues. I continue to be impressed by the potential of this great site to gather sites of interest - many of which I would never have come across by a normal Google search. For quite some time I have been a fan of Dr Seth Dixon's Geographical Education His continues to feed me some great information and sites every day via an email. 

The time had come to start curating myself, so last week I started four topics. They are  on Spatial education and technology,  Spatial literacy, Geographical thinking and Hisgeography. Already I am getting some great feeds (blogs, Instagrams, Twitter feeds, Facebook links and the normal Internet sites) through the Suggested content facility of the site which is fed through to my topics each day. As well as the automatic Suggested content that appears for review on a daily basis (to bin or scoop), one can add Posts manually to the topic when anything else is found on the Internet of interest to the topic. 
As time goes I hope that these topics will grow into really useful curated site as an adjunct to the Spatialworlds blog.  I highly recommend as a tool for curating and harvesting sites on whatever takes ones fancy. Feel free to follow my two topics at:

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