Saturday, March 2, 2013

Geography play and paraphenalia

Image above: A fire brace using the world to ...

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 Map porn comes in many shapes and sizes

In a recent Spatialworlds posting the so called world of Map porn was explored. This term is commonly defined as using images, maps and things to stimulate geographically but with no real use. Whilst a contentious view, I thought it worth looking at two other areas of geographical things under this rather suspect and highly inappropriate label. The nomenclature involves remote sensed images and the paraphernalia of geographical orientated things becoming available to buy or just view.  

Remote sensing play involves the looking at aerial and satellite images for basically visual stimulation. The leading area of remote sensing play are the number of ways we can use Google Earth and Google maps to stimulate the senses, often in an artistic way. Have a look at the following sites playing in this area.

* Spatial toys: These mazes gets people to use spatial cognition to understand the overall pattern. For tactile students, this is a great item to have in a classroom.
 Geographical paraphenalia

* Magical composites of the earth

All I can say after viewing this lot, us geographers are a strange and some would say sad bunch ... but why not play with all things geographical for pure pleasure!

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