Friday, August 31, 2012

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The final draft is up!

The final draft for the Australian Curriculum: Geography was posted today on the ACARA site.

The revised curriculum has been prepared for validation of achievements standards and provides the material for the final stage of curriculum development of the Australian Curriculum: Geography.  During September 2012, there will be further refinement to the achievement standards and the curriculum as a result of the validation process. This latest revised document has been written as a result of the consultation process from October 2011 to March 2012.  The consultation report has just been released by ACARA and will give an insight into the views of jurisdictions, assocations, organisations and individuals etc around Australia to the October 2011 draft of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. Naturally the ACARA writers and advisors have done thier best to respond to the views expressed.

In October 2012 the final F-12 Australian Curriculum: Geography will be presented to the ACARA Board for approval and then to the Ministerial Council for approval to proceed with digital publication in December 2012.

Go to the geography pages on the ACARA site to view the progression of the geography curriculum since 2009, be reading the Australian Curriculum: Geography Initial Advice Paper (April 2010), Shape Paper (December 2010), Draft Scope and Sequence (October 2011), through to this penultimate public document titled the Revised Draft.  It has been quite a journey and we are almost there. 
As always we encourage geographers from around Australia to provide feedback to ACARA.  Only then will we get a geography curriculum for geography teachers we want and deserve.
GeogSpace is happening

As previously mentioned the attention is now turning to the resoucing of the curriculum via the creation of the GeogSpace project with Education Services Australia (ESA). The project is going along very well with writers developing illustrations of practice as core units for each year level and supporting curriculum units for the teacher of geography (not always a geography teacher!) to engage with geographical thinking and teaching. Click here to view the August briefing Powerpoint of the project.  More on that to come in the next few months.

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