Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mick Law: the Australian GIS go-to-man

Left image: Approaching Port Moresby area from the air.
Right image: Coral reefs between PNG and Australia.

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Mick Law: Contour Education: Championing for Australian GIS education

Many of us know Mick Law for his work over recent years providing GIS professional learning opportunities for teachers. Whatever conference one goes to, where geography teachers gather, Mick is there with his banner and table showcasing the great GIS classroom resources he has developed for schools. Mick is an ex-Brisbane geography teacher who made the plunge several years ago to establish his GIS education business after working for a year with ESRI Australia. Mick has written a wide range of targeted classroom activities and placed them on his website at http://www.contoureducation.com/ for free use by teachers. Here are just some of Mick’s resources:

* Spatial from Scratch Booklet
* Advanced GIS Georeferencing Overview
* Geoscience Australia Sentinel Activity Online GIS
* Google Maps Weather Activity Online GIS

Mick has also gathered a listing of really useful links and videos and games

The major component of Mick’s business is working with teachers to help them tackle the spatial technology and GIS learning curve. He has built up quite a reputation as a patient, empathetic and highly experienced adult educator who can translate the complex world of spatial technology into a purposeful and achievable pursuit for the classroom teacher. Unfortunately there are very few expert and classroom experienced providers of professional learning in the area of spatial technology application. Increasingly schools are requiring someone to come into their school; to hold their hand as they negotiate the learning curve. Mick is the man – go to his site for details.


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