Thursday, July 16, 2015

Locating in South Australia

 As the publicity blurb goes:

"Have you ever wanted to know where your nearest shipwreck is, or every earthquake location in SA since 1836? Maybe you want to check the high school zone of a house you want to buy … or want to know where the closest walking and bike trails are?  Or you know someone who wants to start a business on a road that has high traffic volume? You can check all of these things and more from the Location SA Map Viewer."

This brand new website (launched on June 28th, 2015) is a great resource for teachers in South Australia wanting to use spatial technology, combined with interesting local data -  however for spatial analysis purposes the site is highly relevant to teachers outside of South Australia as well. The wide range of Government spatial data has been combined on a single website, allowing easy access to everything from public transport to planning development zones and Marine Parks in one view. Location SA has data on landscape and water resources, environment and climate, land management, infrastructure and utilities, business and industry, society and events, and emergency and safety. The viewer can also be viewed as a road map, topographic map or satellite image.

The Location SA Map Viewer is part of the South Australian Government’s plans to proactively release data and make South Australia the best place to do business. Approximately 160 government data sets are currently available to view on the Map Viewer and more will be added soon.

This site is just another example of how spatial technology and associated data is becoming accessible to the classroom by being free, user friendly and visually uncluttered and attractive.

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