Thursday, September 5, 2013

Taking the step in mapping: Stepmap

Another new map creation tool has become available recently which has great application to the geography (and humanities) classroom. This Internet based mapping  program is called Stepmap and is marketed as a free (to schools), fast and simple tool to create customised maps. The program is worth a look and certainly is a great free mapping tool for primary schools and many junior secondary classes. 

The following useful videos from the Setmap site will get you underway using the program.

A very worthwhile section of the site is the Map Directory. The Map Directory contains all Maps created and published by StepMap users sorted by region or topic. Browse it to get inspired and see how others use the tool to customise Maps.

As the above videos outline, StepMap enables students to create personal, interactive and individual maps for topics of their choice. They can add various pieces of information such as images, videos, descriptions, audio files and more to any location on the map. Routes can also be added, areas marked and icons placed. The creation and customising of maps in Stepmap by students could be for describing their latest holiday route, a news story or simply to visualise information that's interesting to you and your friends or colleagues. In short, StepMap enables students to use maps in a way to be the central piece of their education

Please note: Schools, universities, teachers and students can use StepMap and the map download features for free (incl. the high resolution download). In order to activate those free premium features you need to write an Email to including your StepMap username. About the conditions of use of Stepmap

I certainly recommend you to have a go at using Stepmap and suggest it could be an answer to find a user friendly mapping tool for primary classrooms (and others).

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