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Australian Curriculum and a focus on Asia

 Image above: Resources for the Australian Curriculum on the Asia Education Foundation site.

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Australian Curriculum Geography with a focus on Asia

As a priority in the development of the Australian Curriculum, the cross curriculum priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia was given a focus. As stated in the online materials the Australian Curriculum: Geography provide students with "rich contexts to investigate the interrelationships between diverse places, environments and peoples in the Asia region.

The Australian Curriculum: Geography also enables students to study Asia as an important region of the world. Students can explore groups of countries, individual countries, or specific regions and locations within countries. In doing so, they develop knowledge and skills that help foster intercultural understanding as they come to appreciate the diversity that exists between and within the countries of Asia, and how this diversity influences the way people perceive and interact with places and environments.

Students also learn about the ways in which Australia and Asia are interconnected, both environmentally and socially, and how transnational collaboration supports the notion of shared and sustainable futures within the Asia region."

To support the teaching of this Cross-Curriculum priority the Asia Education Foundation (AEF) has developed a suite of excellent resources for teaching and learning with the Australian Curriculum: Geography. From F-10,  resources include:

* Foundation: Special places
* Year 3: Images of Indonesia
* Year 5: Life in a floating village
* Year 6: Connecting to Asia
* Year 6: Seeing beyond Asia
* Years 7: Damming the Yangtze at Three Gorges
* Years 7-8: Jakarta faces
* Year 7-8: Why dam the Mekong River
* Year 8: Urban growth in China
* Year 9: Shanghai: A city on the move
* Year 9: South Korea: Creating a sustainable giant
* Year 10: Measuring well-being

The following two units of work relevant to the Australian Curriculum: Geography are also worth a look:

The AEF have also 'sample mapped' all the opportunities to case study Asia across the Australian Curriculum: Geography. 

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