Friday, February 17, 2012

My top 10 this week

Left image: Walking around Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.
Right image: Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, Australia.

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My Top 10 to check out

I thought I would have a play at checking out some sites of interest and use for the classroom and then try to make a top 10 list. Although they are not all directly geography, I am sure that the creative geography teacher could integrate them into a geography lesson of worth.

Well, here is my top 10 for this week.

Number 1: The Traveler IQ Challenge. Great fun learning places and their location. Try it!

Number 2: Tony Cassidy has compiled a great list of online Social Studies games.

Number 3: Culture Crossing is a unique resource for information about different countries. It provides some basic demographics, but it also shares details about communication style, dress, gestures, etc. It’s unlike any other source of information about countries on the web.

Number 4: Photos that changed the world – great visuals to explore visual literacy.
Camera Naked’s.
• Jonathan Klein: Photos that changed the world is a new “TED Talk”.

Number 5: What The World Eats, an online slideshow from Time magazine that shows families from fifteen different countries, along with what they eat during one week and its cost. This site can be used to initiate a discussion on economic inequities; use in compare/contrast activities – great for the Year 9 Food topic of the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

Number 6: The Zero Footprint Kids Calculator: It would be difficult to develop a more accessible web tool for people to figure out their own ecological footprint.

Number 7: Geographical Media is an interesting site to develop media literacy and also collect data for some mapping of media coverage.

Number 8: Map Battle is a very easy-to-use tool to create geography games online.

Number 9: Geobeats is a huge collection of short travel videos from around the world.

Number 10: Visual Geography is a nice site with images, information, and quizzes about 85 countries around the world. The quizzes on each country are good, as is the feature called “Compare.” You can pick any two countries and easily compare their demographic data with a click of the mouse.

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