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A one-stop 21st Century geography resource from AGTA now available

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The new AGTA Exploring 21st Century Geography DVD resource

AGTA has released a resource to support 21st Century geographical thinking and approaches.

As you can see this site does not normally dabble in advertising any products. However because of the role of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) as a non-profit organisation in promoting geographical education in Australia I have made this one exception. Hope you don’t mind.

AGTA has recently released a DVD titled ‘Exploring 21st Century Geography’. The DVD was produced for the AGTA 2011 conference in Adelaide in January 2011 and is now available for purchase on-line on the AGTA site. The DVD costs only A$95 (including GST and postage for Australian purchasers) and A$105 (including postage to anywhere in the world) for overseas purchases. The DVD comes with an unlimited site license and copying rights for an educational institution.

The DVD has been developed to support educators and schools to explore 21st Century geography. Such exploration involves considering ICT use in geography, spatial technology integration and capacities, discussions on the nature of the 21st Century learner, classroom, pedagogy and curriculum for geography and access to resources and approaches available for the teaching of a 21st Century geography. To these ends the DVD contains:
* three books and interactive CD’s on the use of GIS in geography (GIS skills development processes, GIS in Historical geography and GIS in physical geography)
* an interactive CD on the use of technology in geography
* articles on 21st Century geography pedagogy and curriculum
* Internet links to hundreds of resource and teaching sites to support 21st Century geography
* a 21st Century audit tool
* Internet links to geography curriculums around the world
* student project samples and processes.

AGTA is proud to launch this product to support the teaching of a quality and engaging geography in our schools. Most importantly it is hoped that the resource supports schools as they grapple with the demands and directions of the geographical thinking and ICT capacities stimulated by the development of a 21st Century Australian Curriculum for geography.
Go to the Geography Teachers Association of South Australia (GTASA) to view a user guide and flyer for the DVD. For more information on the resource email manning@chariot.net.au or comment on this blog posting – happy to answer any queries on behalf of AGTA.
Naturally AGTA would love to have any feedback on the resource to inform any future resource development to promote quality geographical education in the 21st Century.
Just a reminder, go to the AGTA site if you wish to purchase a copy of the DVD.

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