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Left image: Into the London Underground at Kensington Station
Right image: Waterloo Station, London

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I thought it time for a posting where I just listed a whole lot of great websites which have been unearthed over recent months. Many of these have been dug up (sorry) by the incredibly active South African group of teachers who are part of the South African Geography Teachers' Google Group. The amount of traffic this group creates is amazing and certainly something to be admired - seems to be some very energetic and thinking geographers in South Africa. If you are interested in joining this group (be prepared for plenty of emails on all things geographical)just go to Other websites have been gleaned from a variety of sources. I have tried to do a brief summary with each and these are only what I have found the most interesting for geography teaching.

* Great old maps; discover the secrets within historical maps.

* Website library

* Lots of great geography and GIS resources.

* Cartography 2.0 is a free online knowledge base and e-textbook for students and professionals interested in interactive and animated maps.

* This video titled, “Lost Generation”was submitted in a contest by a 20-year old. The contest was titled "u @ 50" by AARP. So simple and yet so brilliant.

* World clock of …… whatever!

* Free resources, ideas and lesson plans for teaching with technology This ‘Free technology for teacher’s’ website lists free interactive games and maps available on the Internet. These games can be good tools for students to use in developing their knowledge of geography. The ten websites listed on the site are places to find a variety of interactive geography games and interactive maps that will help students develop their knowledge of geography. The last item in the list is a resource for creating your own geography game.

* A useful resource providing 580 front pages from 55 countries. The Newseum displays these daily newspaper front pages in their original, unedited form. This Newspaper Map is great for current Geographical events. You just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper front page pop up... The maps work according to regions. Double click and the page gets larger....apparently you can read the entire paper on some if you click on the right place.

* From Scotland (National Collection of Aerial Photography), some great aerial imagery for historical geography in particular (thanks to Bec Nicholas for passing this one on)

* Interactive images project from the UK

* It is worth looking at the exciting materials and buzz on the ‘Geography Teaching Today’ website in the UK.
There are sections on resources for:
* Early Years and Primary
* Middle Years
* Senior Years

* Preparing for the population explosion. In 2050, it is estimated that Australia's population will explode to 35 million, with the world's population set to top 90 billion.
But how are government organisations, businesses, scientists and environmentalists preparing to meet this demand?
Find out at how location intelligence is playing a key role in equipping our decision makers with comprehensive and accurate information to help better converse, sustain and manage the environmental challenges of a growing world.

* Pandemic planning
From swine flu and the SARS virus to localised legionnaires disease outbreaks, a year doesn't seem to pass without a serious epidemic. But how does the world react to control the spread? Get behind the scenes of how location intelligence is used for early detection, tracking, response and control of infectious disease outbreaks.

* Solve your complex vehicle routing problems. Did you know that you can dynamically model real road situations, including turn and height restrictions, speed limits and changing traffic conditions?

* The spatial round table forum Have your say on the hot topics in the spatial industry at . ESRI's Spatial Roundtable provides a great opportunity for you to share your points of view about concerns, trends, challenges, and technologies.

* This one is really just out there about motivation and purpose but worth a look - makes one think and apply to our own work situation if not classroom

* Something from National Geographic for the classroom activities.
Some really great online 'games' for a range of ages.

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