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Free GIS activities downloads for the classroom

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The importance of maps in the De-militarized Zone between North and South Korea. In fact, it is critical to know where the 38th parallel is!!

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Free GIS activities downloads for the classroom are now available from the Spatial Worlds website. The website is linked to this blog and over the past years has been a source of articles on using GIS in the classroom and spatial literacy. A page on the website now provides free downloads of GIS classroom activity's in GIS in geography, historical GIS and urban geography. Copyright on these chapters remain TECHGEOG's but you can download and use with ArcView 3 or adapt to your needs using ArcGIS or any other GIS software. The activities provide some useful templates to design a GIS course for physical geography, historical geography and urban geography. The only thing TECHGEOG asks is that you do not on-sell the activities once you have re-designed. If you wish to use in your school that is fantastic.

The resources include chapters from the:
GIS in Physical Geography/Science book on:
* The basics of ArcView
* An excuse to hug a tree: using the CityGreen program
* Water matters
* Earthquakes
* Rock mapping
* Aquifer mapping
* Australian minerals
* Micro-climates
* Ocean floor mapping
* Internet sites.

Many of these chapters use the free Australian GIS data from the GeoScience website

Historical GIS book
* Cemetery mapping
* Exploration routes
* Building heritage mapping
* Battlefield mapping
* Mapping Change over time

Urban Geography
* Streetscapes mapping

If you are interested in the TECHGEOG resource written for ArcGIS 9 download the attached order form (includes all TECHGEOG resources on CD/DVD).

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