Saturday, September 29, 2007

The trip Itinerary

The Spatial Worlds website
At this stage these are my stops and contacts.
1. October 9th: Professor PC Lai: Hong Kong University
2. October 13th- 18th: Dallas with George Dailey from ESRI US, visiting Texas schools such as Bishop Dunne.
3. October 19th-22nd: Oklahoma City at the American Association of Geographers Conference.
4. October 23rd-27th: Washington with Bob Kolvoord from James Madison University and Kathryn Keranen visiting schools in Virginia.
5. October 27th-28th: New York (just for R&R)
6. October 29th-31st: Toronto with Jean Tong from ESRI Canada, visiting Canadian schools and meeting with education authorities.
7. November 1st-13th: United Kingdom visiting Judith Mansell at the Royal Geographical Society, Roger Jeans at the Ordnance Survey, Noel Jenkins from Digital Geography, Angela Baker from ESRI UK, Richard Poole and Jason Saulle from Digital Worlds and participating in GIS training at the RGS on December 8th.
Other visits are being planned at each stop but this itinerary gives an outline of the 'first stop' visits during my project.


Mr. Stevens said...


This is Kyle Stevens from Bishop Dunne. I like the ideas you have outlined on your previous entries. I look forward to meeting you during your trip. I noticed you added a ClustrMap to your blog. I think this is a powerful tool in blogging. I appreciate that my ping will be one of the first in the United States.

See you soon,


vonnie said...

Hi Malcolm,
Congratulations on your longstanding work in inspiring and supporting teachers in this area. I will be following your trip with interest. Great to see the value of social networking tools to connect a global community.

Bob Kolvoord said...
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Elissa, Mick and Niall said...

Malcolm, Well done on the scholarship! You have a great trip planned and I can't wait to see your experiences as they pop up here. Safe travels.