Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Geography is ...?

Image above: A Slideshare for those introductory lessons

Some great resources on geography from teachers for teachers.

A great PowerPoint by Simon Jones to introduce students (and teachers) to geography. Simon is a teacher in the UK and does some great work that is is happy to share with teachers around the world. Here are his follow/contact details:

* Great current resources for the geography classroom from Seth Dixon

Seth Dixon from Geography Education! fame has put together a supplementary resource which links all his 'found' websites to geographical themes and/or places. His new site is designed for geography students and teachers to find interesting, current supplemental materials. To search for place-specific posts, browse the interactive map. To search for thematic posts, see . Also you can search for a keyword by clicking on the filter tab at the top of the page.

* Another resource from Simon Jones, called Geography soup, uses short films from Vimeo.

* An interesting thinking geography resource, this time for teachers planning a geography curriculum.

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