Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Really really interesting

Just real interesting

I continue to find  geographically interesting bits and pieces from my Just Real Interesting, some of which I find really really interesting. Hence I thought I would just pick a few that stimulated my geographical thinking over recent weeks for this posting.

This daily dose of satellite photos helps you appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the things humans have constructed--as well as the devastating.

Interesting futures idea?

* India's Census: Lots of cellphones,too few toilet

India's once-a-decade census has turned up some striking numbers: The population grew this past decade by 181 million — that's the total population of Brazil. India now has more than 1.2 billion people and is on track to overtake China as the world's most populous nation in 2030.

Is this geography of the person? Across cultures, people feel increased activity in different parts of the body as their mental state changes.

* Crisis watch

An interactive map showing conflicts across the world every month. Produced by the International Crisis Group - to prevent conflict worldwide.

Marvel at these global heat maps of popular cycling and running routes. A glimpse into the geography of elevated heart rates and sweaty pits is now available thanks to Strava, maker of GPS-enabled exercise-tracking gizmos. Over time, the San Francisco-based company has collected a lot of user data. Now it's put the info in play in a giant, visual way, with these global heat maps showing the movements of the hardcore huffing-and-puffing populace. The maps include 77,688,848 rides and 19,660,163 runs for a blink-inducing total of 220 billion data points.

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