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David Lambert 'nails' the thinking on geography

Image above: Professor David Lambert presenting at AGTA 2013 in Perth.  The 'essence of geography' according to David - Inspiration with a message. 

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"Without geography, the world would be a mystery to us. Geography is the subject that contributes more than any other to young people’s knowledge of the world." 
Professor David Lambert 

At AGTA 2013 in Perth in January this year I had the pleasure of introducing Professor David Lambert to the conference. David soon won the hearts and minds of the delegates by his inspiring and thought provoking address (click here to view David Powerpoint from his presentation).  As a result I thought it opportune to put this posting together highlighting the fantastic work of David in promoting geography in the UK and beyond. We were indeed lucky to have him travel down here to share his passion and thinking on geography this year.

David Lambert is the former Chief Executive of the Geographical Association and presently  the Professor of Geography at the Institute of Education, University of London. The focus of his work is very much in the areas of pedagogy, assessment and citizenship in school geography.  As the CEO of the Geography Association (GA) of the UK, he was the main architect of the Geography Manifesto: A Different View which set out the mission for geography into the future in the UK. The Manifesto made a compelling case for geography's place in the curriculum. A Different View, and the supporting materials on the GA website, are designed to be used in any context where geography is taught, explained, encouraged or promoted. The Different View video is certainly worth a look, as is David's Right here, Right Now video on geography.

The following are some writings and videos from David which give a real insight into his thinking about geography, and much much more when talking about education!

* Telegraph article

“Teachers should seize this chance to get stuck into the knowledge question rather than collectively avoid it, which has in some ways been the story of recent times. The professional language invented over the past 10 years is the language of pedagogy. 
This is no bad thing in itself, of course, but pedagogy has become so dominant that it is now confused with its apparently weaker cousin: curriculum. But it is the curriculum that teachers need to engage with.”

* Video of David on geography

“A person growing up in the 21st century as a global citizen (and all that implies) is at a disadvantage without geographical knowledge – economically, culturally and politically. How can we make any of the personal decisions that already confront us every day about energy, food and water security without geographical knowledge?
Understanding geographical perspectives contributes to our capabilities as educated individuals and members of society.”

* David on school geography

If this posting has wet your appetite for 'Lambert think' on geography, make sure you follow David's stimulating geography blog called Impolite Geography.  Every posting provides some great food for thought with 'left field' ideas and approaches to thinking about modern geography in our schools.

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