Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GTAV scoops for Australian Curriculum: Geography

Image above: GTAV Scoop.it on each year level of AC: Geography.

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GTAV scoops for Australian Curriculum: Geography

The personnel of the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria (GTAV) have been busy using Scoop.it to archive and curate Internet sites for the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The GTAV scoops are curated under the year level themes and topics for the geography curriculum. What has resulted is an extremely useful customised resource for teachers to use when developing their programs for the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

To access the GTAV scoops for the Australian Curriculum: Geography, just click here. Then select the Scoop topic you are interested in and select 'Follow'. The GTAV via their Scoop.it initiative will then do all the searching work for you to teach the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

It is really worth the time to have a good look at all the customised Scoops. Such fantastic sites, free and current which certainly challenge the traditional use of text books!! Well done GTAV!

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