Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Professional learning: the next frontier

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To think geographically in a day!

As the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Geography comes ever closer with the publication of the curriculum is on the horizon, our mind and energy will turn towards professional learning for teachers, in particular non-geography teachers. The opportunity to talk to a group of non-geography and geography teachers for a day about geographical thinking and skills in the Australian Curriculum: Geography is a great opportunity to 'suss out' approaches, resources and models for the professional learning we need to develop over the next few years.  

The following PowerPoint's on Dropbox are provided for the participants and anyone else interested to engage in geographical thinking and skills in preparation to teach the new Australian geography curriculum from 2013 onwards (if allowed by their jurisdiction and/or school).

Presentation 1: What does Geography look like in the 21st Century?

Presentation 2: Geographical thinking, inquiry and skills.

Presentation 3: Geospatial Technology and fieldwork

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