Friday, January 13, 2012

The line between pleasure and pain!

Images above: On the road through the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

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Where am I??
Adelaide, Australia: S: 34º 55' E: 138º 36'

Presentations to develop visual literacy in geography

“The wise man fears the serene sky, but when a storm comes he walks on the waves and challenges the wind” Confucius quotes

This posting was initiated by viewing the Slideshare collection called the Nubia Group. After checking out the Slideshare resource go to the Nubia groups blogpsot to view even more presentations.

The collection is a broad selection of things we may consider beautiful and fascinating about living in our world and things which cause pain to humanity. I have just selected the PowerPoints from the collection which may be of use to the geography classroom (I am sure there are many more) and recommend you to go through the rich collection of images and commentary contained within. A great resource for visual literacy work in the classroom. While about it go and have look at other geography relevant collections on Slideshare – an amazing resource to help create lessons and for student projects etc.

Pleasure ??????????

Earth art

From the sky Part 1

From the sky Part 2

Digital world – great images

Around the World

Children of the World

Brazil carnival

Chinese festivals

The Haj

Christmas across the globe


Chinese Gods

Beauty of Egypt

Indian wedding

Iceland landscapes

Amazing landscapes

Urban colours

Amazing shots from far ways

Nature photography

Great migrations

Beauty of Burma

Beauty of Norway

Beauty of Canada

Beauty of Scotland

Beauty of Ireland

Beauty of Dubai

Beauty of New Zealand

Afghanistan picture portrait

Scenes from China

Beauty of the Philippines

Beauty of China


Around the world in images

Amazing World

Pakistan portraits

Great images

India portrait

People of the World

Nomads of Tibet


Save the Children

Mississippi floods 2011

Brazil floods 2011

Flood in Pakistan


Japan weeks after the Tsunami 2011

Japan earthquake 2011

Atomic fallout: Japan 2011

New Zealand earthquake 2011

China flooding 2011

Russian wildfires 2010

China landslides 2010

Pakistan in need –Aid

Libya unrest 2011

Middle East violence

Crisis in Yemen

Haiti earthquake – two years on

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