Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exploration time

Left image: Dallas skyline.
Right image: Adelaide from the air.

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Where am I??
Adelaide, Australia: S: 34º 55' E: 138º 36'

Unlike the postings of recent weeks, this posting has no theme and just contains some great spatial and geographical sites to explore. They are sites related to GIS materials, great images, cultural diversity, mashables, time zones, population and global trends. Here they are:

* EarthPulse, a visual guide from National Geographic looking at global trends. EarthPulse explores these global connections with vivid and informative imagery, maps, diagrams, and inter-actives that illuminate where we are today, how we got here, and how our actions may affect the future of life on Earth. A great resource.

* Tag Galaxy: Can be used for conceptualizing and a visual association Tag Galaxy is a very good flash application that uses Papervision3D with beautiful transition effects to explore Flickr photos via virtual planetary systems. You enter a tag and related tags appear with beautiful planetary systems.

* Images and activities on yet another natural disaster. This site is a collection (comment, photos, maps... ...) of the recent tornado in Missouri.

* An article on a city built for a million people - but no one lives here: The Mongolian metropolis thrust into the 21st Century in a storm of steel and concrete

* The world at night – amazing night photos from around the world

* Free GIS theory course for secondary schools

* Some wonderful images of awesome earth: Grimsvotn, Iceland’s most active volcano is up to its old tricks.

* A website for population statistics, including population pyramids - just select the country and the year.

* A site looking at world demographics from 1950 to 2050.

* NationMaster, a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease.

* The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities. Our Reference tab includes: maps of the major world regions, as well as Flags of the World, a Physical Map of the World, a Political Map of the World, and a Standard Time Zones of the World map.

* Don’t Gross Out the World – A fun quiz on cultural diversity.

* Population Exposition – a creative interactive resource looking at population.

* A brief history of time – BBC news looks at time zones.

* The Mashable: a bit of everything is available from the Mashable website. Explore tab on Mashable makes it easy to discover and explore content on Mashable. Click on topics that interest you most to find relevant and resourceful stories. From guides to popular resource lists, Mashable Explore enables seamless discovery of stories that matter most to you

*Images of the globe – some great images of our world.

* Where are the limits of digital photography and its application to geography?
Sevilla 111 Gigapixels is a huge panoramic and interactive photograph of Seville city, which consists of 111 thousand million pixels. A new worldwide record since December 2010. Browsing the biggest photograph in the world from home and observe inch by inch La Giralda's belfry, La Torre del Oro's merlons, the details of the Cathedral's walls, and more than one thousand little details and corners of Seville is now possible thanks to the cutting-edge capture technologies and Internet, which allow us to immerse ourselves in this huge panoramic image and explore virtually all the places in the city, by scrolling and zooming in/out throughout it.

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