Monday, March 10, 2008

Just some practical fun spatial sites to use

Spatial Worlds website

Picture descriptions:
Left image: Night scene in the flooded (and increasingly flooded) city of Venice, Italy.
Right image: Train tracks and electrics between Milan and Venice, Italy.

How high is my reservoir?
The following water site is a great way to show reservoir levels around Australia and change over time:
When you open the site go to the tag 'Teaser' and each reservoir in Australia is thematasised in accordance with water levels. If you click on the reservoir it shows change in levels over time. Also check out the other great components of this water management website from the 'Water resources Observation Network' site at

Digging through the earth.
If you have always wondered what would happen if you dug a hole through the centre of the earth.......

Disaster game
An interactive site for students to simulate disasters. Stop disaster game from the UN.

A different way to look at the world
This cartogram site enables students to view the world in a different way. and

Juicy geography
This is an excellent internet site developed in the UK. It is really interesting to look at and provides some great step by step activities to incorporate the basic GIS applications of Google Earth in the classroom. The site has quite a bit of info - click on Teaching and Learning and there are a number of other activities that also use this the basic google earth GIS applications. The site is

Sea level simulations

Air quality site
Some interesting spatial websites on air quality in London and Sydney

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