Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AGTA's Thinking Geographically resource

Image above: Teaching resources on the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) website


The new AGTA 'Thinking Geographically' resource

AGTA has recently released for sale a resource produced to support professional learning in geography. The resource is called 'Thinking Geographically' and focuses on the teaching of the  Australian Curriculum: Geography.

The 'Thinking Geographically' resource is in the form of an interactive DVD and is aimed at preparing geographers and non-geographers in Australian schools to deliver the new Australian Curriculum: Geography from 2013 and beyond. Despite the Australian focus, the resource would be of equal value to any country teaching geography as a subject in schools.
The resource highlights the need to clearly articulate what geographer involves, to be able to explain what makes geography geography. The development of the key concepts of the Australian Curriculum: Geography has been invaluable in articulating geographical thinkingSome say that everything can be studied geographically through the key concepts - hence every topic is a potential resource for geography classrooms.

The resource comprises a range of Geographical 'think pieces', articles and presentations, tips and structures for curriculum planning and hundreds of Internet sites to support geographical education in schools. The attached document provides a useful insight into the operation and nature of the resource.

AGTA considers that the resource will be a useful part of the implementation and associated professional learning for the Australian Curriculum: Geography and any other country teaching geography in schools.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the interactive 'Thinking Geographically' DVD go to the AGTA site to download the order form or pay by PayPal via the site 

AGTA hopes that the resource will hit the mark with professional learning on thinking geographically.

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