Sunday, January 6, 2013

AGTA 2013 in Perth

Image above: David Lambert addressing the conference.

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AGTA 2013: A critical event for geography in Australia

AGTA 2013 in Perth went very well. As mentioned in the conference materials, the Australian Geography  Teachers Association (AGTA) is the peak body for professional geography teachers in Australia and considers that the conference will provide a great opportunity for geography teachers and others to learn and discuss all things related to geographical education in schools. The conference titled, ‘Geography’s New Frontier’ was a crucial event in relation to the introduction of the Australian Curriculum for geography in 2013. The work of AGTA is closely aligned to the development of the Australian Curriculum for Geography and AGTA saw this conference as pivotal to 2013 being the year of quality implementation of the  geography curriculum. To provide input on implementation matters our two keynote speakers from the UK, Professor David Lambert (past CEO of the UK Geography Association) and Professor Simon Catling (Primary Geography specialist from Brookes Oxford University) were fantastic to listen to and work with. Videos of their presentations are on the AGTA website. Their experiences in the UK with the implementation of the National Geography Curriculum were very enlightening ... and  we will learn from their mistakes and successes.

A recent article in the UK by David Lambert (written upon his return to the UK in January) is worth highlighting at this stage to reinforce the reasons why geography is so important for young people. David's article titled, "Without geography, theworld would be a mystery to us", appeared in the Telegraph in the UK on 3 February 2013. It is worth a read! 

Here are the presentations on Dropbox for the workshops I was involved in during the conference.

* Geographical thinking
* Australian Curriculum: Geography update

* Here is also the workshop presentation of Sue Jones at the conference titled: Making Sense of assessment and reporting for the Australian Curriculum: Geography

Many of the other workshop at AGTA 2013 will be posted on the AGTA site soon after the conference.

Feel free to look at and use these presentations in your professional learning activities, just acknowledge them as presentations by those presenting at AGTA 2013.

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