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A call for profiles

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Think about nominating a profile for the GeoCareers site
Last week I shared a cab in Canberra with a fellow queue waiter at the airport. It turned out that the lady was a town planner from Adelaide who trained as a geographer in Perth. Naturally my GeoCareers radar went up and I asked her if she was interested in being profiled as a geographer at work on the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) GeoCareers website. The website was established back in 2007 to promote to schools and students the idea that many people we see working in our world, may not be known as geographers but in fact trained as and are geographers (they just don’t use the name). As schools do their career and subject counselling it is often said that students need to think about subjects that lead to a vocation. As previous Spatialworlds postings have made clear, there are a plethora of jobs for the geographically trained (albeit not called geography).
The Geocareers site hopes that profiling geographers doing a wide range of jobs will encourage students to consider choosing geography as the vibrant, relevant and vocationally pertinent subject that it is. The site profiles geographers working indoor, outdoors and in the areas of environmental care, knowledge sharing and research.  Those profiled are asked questions such as: prior studies, work description, best aspects of job, career pathway /opportunities and advice to people considering  the career.

As well as providing interesting profiles of individuals, the site provides information on geography courses around Australia and a range of resources related to careers in geography.
In the future AGTA hopes to make the site more dynamic through videos and interactive contact with those profiled (if the profiled are happy to do so).
Through this posting I encourage readers to forward themselves or individuals they know who would be candidates to be profiled on GeoCareers. The GeoCareers site manager, Rob Berry would then make contact asking the nominated person to complete a GeoCareers questionnaire and provide a picture of themselves at work. The more profiles AGTA can muster on the site, the more effective the site can become to encourage young people to consider studying geography and working in a field related to geography and/or working in a job where they consider their geographical skills will enhance their capacity to perform their job. Please consider this call and let’s see if we can build the best geography careers site on the web. By the way, considering that many of Spatialworlds visitors are from all around the world, AGTA is happy to profile individuals from anywhere in the world. Just send the email contact details to me at and AGTA will do the rest.

Another site to support the GeoCareers site is that from the Geographical Society of NSW (GSNSW). The Geographical Society of NSW (GSNSW) has recently produced four videos of Honours Students from 2012 in a series called "Why Study Geography?"   I believe that it has relevance to geography in all Australian states and territories. The videos are of students from the University of Sydney, Wollongong, UNSW and Newcastle explaining why they became interested in geography, what they love about it, what they have been studying and how they see geography as being a useful subject for their lives and careers.  The videos are of young people communicating in a manner that is likely to be received well by other young people, such as prospective students.


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