Monday, October 17, 2011

Citing sites: worth a look!

Left image: Just rocks!
Right image: Adelaide from the air: grid patterns.

Related sites to the Spatialworlds project
Spatialworlds website
21st Century Geography Google Group
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website
'Towards a National Geography Curriculum' project website
Geography Teachers' Association of South Australia website
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Where am I??
Adelaide, Australia: S: 34º 55' E: 138º 36'

Some geography sites to have a look at.

* Strange maps: Something different
This blog collects and comments on all kinds of intriguing maps—real, fictional, and what-if ones. His map "US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs" has been viewed more than 587,000 times. An anthology of maps from this blog was published by Penguin in 2009 and can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. An amazing array of different maps to get the mind going and thinking out of the square about maps.

* Mission: Explore, a project to engage young people with geography in new ways has recently been relaunched. On the site at you will discover over 100 activities, a Geography Awareness Week badge and much more. Your organisation can even become a partner challenger and create your own activities and challenges on the site if you would like.

*Geo Tweets worth following:

* Our Cool School site at brings sustainability and environment into the classroom - providing educators with engaging, fun and informative learning activities on a whole range of topics.This site is an Australian first and is free to use. Learning activities are year level specific (years 1-10) and linked to curriculum standards, including physical, personal and social learning. Discipline-based learning as well as interdisciplinary learning are also addressed. Complete units of work can simply be downloaded from the Cool School and taken straight into the classroom. There is a strong emphasis on ease of use for educators. The Cool School encourages students to work on what they can do to help our environment, without being overwhelmed by the greater challenges we all face. The site concentrates on helping students have a positive impact on their own world so they can apply their knowledge with confidence to the broader community.
The site is updated daily to bring educators the most relevant news on our environment with an emphasis on ease of use and quick understanding.

* Educational resources from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Latest curriculum related teaching resources, student activities and statistical tools that have been developed by ABS Education Services as well as other ABS resources that are useful for schools
The 2011 data tables for CensusAtSchool are now available on the CensusAtSchool homepage. You'll find links to the National summary tables and National time series under the red 'Data' section.

* Geography Teachers Asssociation of New South Wales have some excellent resource links up on their site at In particular have a look at Pat Beesons recent presentation at the GTANSW conference on population resources for geography teachers is worth a look at
While on the topic of population, here are some interesting articles recently published in the Washington Post and New Scientist.

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