Monday, October 15, 2007

Dallas: a different world

Dallas: N: 32º 46.913' W: 096º 48.340'
I am finally in Dallas and had the day traveling around the city with George Dailey in preparation for three days of GIS and schools. Having just come from Hong Kong the differences are incredible. Differences such as:
* Where are all the people?
* Where is the bustle, noise and smells?
* I can see blue sky?
* How can one family live in such huge houses? Just like in Hong Kong, how can one (or more) families live in such small flats?
* Big people and so much food everywhere but the animals nowhere to be seen!
* Where is the public transport? Everyone is driving a big car.
* Steets so clean and even mechanical street sweepers and people washing down pavements.
* The huge Dallas type mansions versus small multistory cramped apartments. Room to breath!
* What happened to the smells?

I am sure there are many more differences from Hong Kong but the same questions of consumerism and sustainability have still to be asked. The difference is that everyone in Dallas has a bigger ecological footprint but the resources are still be chewed up.

By the way petrol is only 60 cents a litre here but what do you expect in Texas.
Had the opportunity to go to the JFK museum in the school depository store. An excellent museum and rather amazing to see the grassy knoll etc which have we have read so much about.
So much of being a tourist, now time to check out GIS in schools in Dallas.
Just for interest check out the Star Alliance site at which shows as a screen saver the flights around the world each day (not all but for many of the airlines). An interesting view of world travel and people movement on a daily basis.

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