Thursday, May 28, 2015

From whence they come

Image above: Where Adelaide's immigrants were born (excluding England and NZ)

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From whence they come: the origin of Australia's migrants, from area to area
This fascinating interactive map interface reveals the top three birthplaces for immigrants in suburbs and towns across Australia. An excellent resource for the Year 8 Changing nations unit and senior school geography topics exploring migration and change.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics – 2011 Census
Map created by Small Multiples

All you need to do is rollover suburbs with your mouse for detailed info. Zoom and drag for a view of other cities and the nation as a whole, or click on the following links:
Australia | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Hobart | Darwin | Canberra
 You can also access a map revealing birthplaces excluding English and New Zealand immigrants.


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